Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bike Wheels for Sale

These are the wheels I have up on ebay for sale

My dad gave them to me to save for the road bike I'm saving up for. The thing is, the bike I'm saving up for already has equivalent wheels. He upgraded his, not because there was anything wrong with these, so much as because a salesperson convinced him. As for mileage, he has done one century ride, and he worked up to it for about six months at about 60-100 miles per week.

The wheels are straight and true, and they look new to me.

The details:

SHIMANO WH - RS 10wheel set

  • Alloy rims and hubs with aero spokes
  • Black finish hub shells
  • New wider flange hub and offset rim for increased power transmission
  • 16-spoke front
  • 20 spoke rear
  • Rim wear indivator
  • Speed: 8/9/10 speeds
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1807g
  • - Original skewers + Rim tape

    - Minimal rim ware.

    - Hubs are perfect and smooth.

    - The rims are STRAIGHT.

    Sold as-is. no returns.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Dragonquest, by Anne McCaffrey

    This is the sequel to Dragonflight, the first of Anne McCaffrey's books about the world of Pern. I don't like this one as much. If Dragonflight is Lessa's story, then this is F'lar's story - her Weyrmate (as close as dragonriders get to husbands). The thing is, rather than building to a climax, it is more a series of problems, discoveries, and solutions. It is a good escape to the world and lives of dragonriders in Pern, where bad guys consist of mindless organizms that fall from the sky, and petty sour ornery people who need a time out. There is one knife duel, and a couple of dragons fight to the death, but that's about it for physical conflict. The rest is more political and interpersonal drama.

    This book also reminded me of what I don't like about these books - dragonriders are telepathically linked to animals, which gets a little weird when it comes time for the animals to mate. The result is that dragonriders don't have the same constraints about their sex lives, and there's more discussed and portrayed than I'm comfortable with in this book. No, you're not going to get your kicks off of it, but I wouldn't want my kids reading it until they're mature, and even then I wouldn't recommend it. Sorry to say that I give this one a thumbs down.