Monday, March 30, 2009

The Diamond of Darkhold, by Jeanne DuPrau

I have to give Jeanne DuPrau credit for finishing off the series nicely with the Diamond of Darkhold. I was a little concerned with what direction she might take things - after finishing the Prophet of Yonwood, I looked up the wikipedia article about it and corrected a bit of it, and saw there a spoiler about this book that had me quite concerned. Turns out it was more a spoiler about the afterword, and it didn't affect the story as much as I thought it might. I hate spoilers. Anyway, I was very interested in the book, the question that kept me going the whole time was this: If you were going to leave one thing to help a post-apocalyptic population recover from the nearly complete decimation of the world's population, what would it be? Or another way of putting it, what one invention of modern society has made the biggest difference in the advance of technology? Hmm...
In this book, Doon and Lina go back underground looking for they don't know what. The adventure that they have is gripping, making it hard to stop reading (or listening) which is to me critical for a good book. In the end, things are wrapped up nicely, questions answered, and a feeling of comfort about the future of the characters is given that was missing from the first books, since they weren't intended to be the end of the series. I do hope, though, that Jeanne DuPrau is not done writing about this world she's created, because I like how things ended up and thing that there's a potential for some really cool futuristic stuff. I'd also like to see a novel that depicts the events of the great disaster, around the time that the people of Ember go under ground in the first place, since that's what I was expecting from the Prophet of Yonwood, but didn't get.
The reader, Katherine Kellgren, does a fine job. No complaints there. I'd give it a 6 or 7 out of ten then considering story and narrator.

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